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Learn Selenium Webdriver with Java & Earn from Home Anywhere in the World from Babul Nokrek on Vimeo.

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Babul D' Nokrek is an IT Instructor at AccentTech (please visit http://www.accenttech.us) in the United States of America.

Please contact: https://www.fiverr.com/babulnokrek


– A laptop or iPhone/ Android Phone with Internet Connection
– You can read & write in any language
– You can use facebook using laptop
– Willing to learn & earn
– You can invest at least 1 hour every day

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“he is predisposition”
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How much can one earn?

It totally depends on:
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Some more examples how much can our students make after course completion?

What are requirements?

You will need:

– A Laptop with internet connection
– A Cellphone
– Skype address
– A Gmail address
– No degree or programming skill is necessary

What can you learn from us?

– WordPress Web Design in just 2 hours
– Spoken English for the Freelancers
– Web Development Course in just 8-10 hours
– Work from home courses in just 2-4 hours
– Selenium Webdriver with Java in 6-20 hours
– Affiliate Marketing in just 4-6 hours
– Software Testing from home in just 2-6 hours
– Android Apps Development Course in 10-12 hours
– Google AdSense and Online Marketing in just 2 hours
– A Professional Blogging Course in just 4-6 hours
– T-shirt, Hoodie, iPhone Cover, Flag Design in just 1-2 hours
– Course Design & Development: Teaching Online Course in just 4-6 Hours
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WordPress Web Design Course
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Professional Blogging Course & Earn from home
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Software Testing
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Selenium Webdriver with Java
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Tee Shirt & Hoodie Design

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What will we teach?

We will teach you:

– To Develop ONE or More than One Freelancing Skills in just 2 hours
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– Teach you how to earn using your skills

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First death anniversary of Advt. Promode Mankin Observes on 11 May

Thedailygaros24 News Desk 

The first death anniversary of state minister for social welfare affairs and veteran politician Advt. Promode Mankin will be observed through various programmes on 11 May in Bangladesh .



Novena prayers have been offered by his friends and family last 9 days for eternal peace of his departed soul around the world. Ruby Rebeca Areng, daughter of Mankin, led the novena prayers every day.

Mankin family conveyed heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who participated the novena prayers in the last 9 consecutive days amidst daily busy schedules.

State Minister Mankin, a leading Christian politician, died on 11 May this very day last year while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mumbai, India, following a long battle with diabetes and cancer. He was 77 and left behind a wife, five daughters, a son and thousands of followers to mourn his death.

Read more