First death anniversary of Advt. Promode Mankin Observes on 11 May

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The first death anniversary of state minister for social welfare affairs and veteran politician Advt. Promode Mankin will be observed through various programmes on 11 May in Bangladesh .



Novena prayers have been offered by his friends and family last 9 days for eternal peace of his departed soul around the world. Ruby Rebeca Areng, daughter of Mankin, led the novena prayers every day.

Mankin family conveyed heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who participated the novena prayers in the last 9 consecutive days amidst daily busy schedules.

State Minister Mankin, a leading Christian politician, died on 11 May this very day last year while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mumbai, India, following a long battle with diabetes and cancer. He was 77 and left behind a wife, five daughters, a son and thousands of followers to mourn his death.

Headmaster Advt. Promode Mankin

Mankin was born in Durgapur upazila of Netrakona on April 18, 1939. Later, he migrated to Haluaghat of Mymensingh district after getting married to Mamata Areng.

Last tribute from the Prime Minister to Advt. Promode Mankin MP.


Last tribute to Advt. Mankin from the Speaker Shirin Sharmin Choudhury

His Eminent Cardinal Patrick D’ Rosario in last prayer!

Heartfelt condolence from Prime Minister

Advt. Promode Mankin in his last visit to the USA

He served as the state minister from 2009 till his death.
Different social and political organisations, including the ruling Haluaghat Awami League (AL), will place wreaths at the grave of the veteran leader in Rangrapara, Haluaghat, Bangladesh in the morning.
 Advt. Mankin with Mamata Areng

On 25 anniversary

Advt. Promode Mankin, Mamata Mankin and their 1st daughter Alpona Areng


In a special moment with his wife Mamata Areng

On their 50th anniversary with Fr. Dr. Niren Mrong and well-wishers

Most Rev. Bishop Ponen Paul Kubi CSC will offer a special holy mass for his departed soul. Special prayers will be offered in the churches in Bangladesh.
 With family on their 52th anniversary


With grand children on 52 anniversary

Jewel Areng MP, son of late Mankin, who has been replaced in his parliamentary seat through by-election, will attend to observe the day with deep mourn and respect.

Advt. Promode Mankin, Br. Dominic Mree and Babu Markus Gomes in New York during his last visit to the USA

Mankin, a Catholic from the indigenous Garo Community, was the most prominent Christian politician in Muslim majority Bangladesh where Christians account for less than 0.5 per cent of 160 million.
 Oath taking as state minister.
Mankin was Born in April 18, 1939 in Netrokona district, now part of northeastern Mymensingh Diocese. He served as a guerilla freedom fighter against the Pakistan army during Bangladesh liberation war in 1971.
He started his career as a headmaster in a church-run Biroi Dakuni High School. Later, he pursued careers in law and development sectors.
Advt. Mankin with Nirmal Rosario, Aski Cathrine Chisim, Balsree Francilia Chisim and Silga Cicilia Chisim in New York, during his last visit
He also worked as Regional Director for Caritas Mymensingh region, an NGO and social service agency of the Catholic Church, from 1987-1990.
 In an auspicious moment with Prime Minister
In 1991, he joined the Bangladesh Awami League party, and was elected an MP for the first time among Christian community in Bangladesh. He served as state minister for Cultural Affairs from 2009-2012 and was state minister of Social Welfare from 2012 to until his death.

He was popular among neighboring country in India

In 1970s, Mankin helped to establish the TWA, a human rights and social forum for empowering indigenous communities in Mymensingh, Tangail, Sherpur, Netrokona, Gazipur, Dhaka and Sylhet regions. He was also the existing president of the organization.

With another legend, PA Sangma, former speaker in Loksobha, India

He had also served as the president of the Bangladesh Christian Association, the largest Christian social forum since 2003 till death.
Mankin’s body was flown to Dhaka on May 12 ahead of a special requiem Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral Church in Dhaka city and took him to Central Shaheed Minar and Parliament House to pay the last tribute. Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister, Speaker, Cabinet members, Members in the Parliament and mass people paid their last tribute to the veteran politician.

Common people in last tribute

A special mass was offered at Mymensingh Cathedral and thousands people paid their last tribute towards their leader before he was taken to Haluaghat. He was buried at his village home on May 13.



He loved music!

He loved playing violin!

Mankin Contributed huge to Bangladesh, Christian and indigenous community since his student life.
He played an outstanding role in fighting for the rights of Christian and indigenous communities. He fought for the rights of the downtrodden, hard-core poor people, be they religious minorities like Christians or ethnic minorities like the Garo, Hajong and coach people. He always loved people, thought about the development of society and this made him a great leader.
When party chief, present Prime Minister called him to join the party in 1991, he instantly agreed and joined in politics. Mankin’s decision to join politics was not for money or honor, but to serve people.
“His death is an irreparable loss for the country and Bangladesh Awami League as well. He was a man of secularism”, said Prime Minister at the Parliament plaza during her last tribute to this veteran politician.
“He was a true patriot, sincere, honest and dedicated person, who accomplished his duties sincerely wherever he worked. He was an ambassador of secularism” she added in the parliament session during her speech.
Mankin’s political life is a “great source of inspiration” for many, specially among the christian community.
Protestant leaders also lauded Mankin for his efforts in promoting harmony among Christian denominations in Bangladesh.
“He was a good Christian who never categorized Catholics and Protestants separately. He worked for all, not only for social causes, but these were expressions of love from his heart and faith in Jesus,” said Rev David A. Das, secretary of the National Council of Churches in Bangladesh, an inter-church forum.
“He just didn’t offer good advice as a guardian and guide, but also joined us in the streets to demand rights,” he added.
“He was a man of integrity, a true gentleman and a pious. He always respected people irrespective of caste, creeds, colors, seniors and juniors. We miss him and he will be missed forever as his death is irreparable,” said Maria Chiran, winner of ‘Cross of Honor’ award from His Holy Father Francis and  a retired headmistress, from Jalchatra, Tangail, Bangladesh.
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